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Frequently Asked Questions about getting married in North Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aren't wedding planners for the rich and famous? +

    There is an illusion that wedding planners are expensive and they’re only used by the rich and famous. This is simply not the case. Wedding planners can save you valuable time and money with their expert knowledge, priceless advice and preferential supplier rates.

    This is especially the case when you are trying to organise your wedding abroad. Your wedding planner will take all the stress out of managing your wedding. My Wedding Cyprus know the importance of regular communication and updates, we will keep you informed every step of the way, with us your wedding will be in safe hands.

  • Can you help us arrange accommodation for our wedding guests? +

    We can help you plan the accommodation for all your guests. As a wedding planner in North Cyprus we can help you with all aspects of your wedding, including booking of accommodation for your guests. Whether you are looking for five star hotels or self catering villas, we can arrange the bookings on your behalf. We are also able to co-ordinate transportation of your guests to your wedding venue.

  • We really don’t know what sort of day we would like, can you help us decide? +

    North Cyprus provides the perfect backdrop for any type of wedding. My Wedding Cyprus will work with you from the beginning to help formulate your plans and make your wedding in North Cyprus your perfect day. We have experience in different styles of weddings and can offer ideas that will help you decide on the one that will suit you.

    From traditional to vintage, beach to restaurant, intimate to grand, each wedding we do is very different no matter how big or small, the possibilities are truly endless.

    It's your wedding - have it your way!


  • Can we have a traditional wedding in North Cyprus +

    My Wedding Cyprus organise ceremony blessings which are in keeping with a traditional UK wedding. We arrange for you to meet with the lay-preacher prior to your wedding to discuss the wording you would like used for your blessing. It can be as traditional or as religion orientated as you choose, it's your day.


  • Can you arrange music for our wedding? +

    Whatever your choice of music for your wedding in North Cyprus, we will do our best to source it for you.

    Types of music that have proved popular at weddings My Wedding Cyprus have planned include: Classical trio, violins, DJs, CDs provided by the bride and groom, a live band, a solo singer. Let us know what music you would when you are getting married in North Cyprus and we will arrange it.

  • How much in advance will we need to book our venue and wedding?

If you wish to hold your legal ceremony in Northern Cyprus, a minimum of a six weeks will be required in order to allow enough time to process your paperwork in the UK, send it to us here, for us to arrange for ratification of the paperwork and book the registrar.  

    However, if you wish to hold a blessing here, there is no specific amount of time needed providing the venue is available.


  • Will our wedding be legal in the UK? +

    If you wish to have your legal ceremony in North Cyprus, you will recieve two copies of the wedding certificate in English from the registrar at the end of the ceremony, as Cypriot law is based on British law, the wedding certificates are recognised in the UK.

    The civil ceremony in Cyprus is a very informal affair which takes place in the District Office and is all over within 10 minutes. Some of our couples prefer to have the legal aspect of their wedding carried out in the UK and have a blessing in North Cyprus.

  • What documentation do we need to get married in North Cyprus? +

    Listed below are documents that are required for your wedding in Cyprus. Copies of these documents are needed five weeks before the wedding date, originals MUST be brought out with you.

    Passport: Both Bride and groom must be in possession of a 10 year British Passport which has to be valid for 3 months after your return date. 

    Birth Certificate: Full Birth Certificate with parents names on it, must be obtained by the bride and groom. 

    Decree Absolute: If either the bride or groom has been previously married and is now divorced, decree absolute is required.

Statutory Declaration Form: Signed & stamped by a notary solicitor to confirm both parties are single and free to get marry, divorced and free to marry, or widowed and free to marry. All declarations must be prepared three months or less before the wedding date. 
Legalization of Documents: All the documents need to be verified and stamped by the North Cyprus Embassy in London. This has to be made in person and two witnesses who can confirm they know you, are also required to attend. You and your witness are required to bring your passport and all the original documents plus a small fee.

    For more information contact:

    North Cyprus Embassy London: Between Monday - Friday, 9 am 5pm. North Cyprus Embassy, 29 Bedford Square, London WC1B, 3EP Tel; 0207 6311930

Copies of all the documents are required in Cyprus four weeks prior to your wedding day.


  • How Long do I need to be in North Cyprus prior to getting married there? +

There are no legal requirements for the bride and groom to be in North Cyprus a certain number of days prior to their wedding. However, the legal documentation needs to be presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs four weeks prior to your wedding day.

    For you to have a civil ceremony in North Cyprus you will need to present paperwork to the TRNC Consul in London, no more than three months prior to your wedding day. Once you have completed the required paperwork in the UK, we can provide you with the DHL address here in North Cyprus to send the paperwork for My Wedding Cyprus to complete the ratification process and to book the registrar on your behalf.

    If you are only having a blessing in North Cyprus, there is no requirements for official paperwork. My Wedding Cyprus will arrange for you to meet with the chosen person to take your blessing for you to agree your blessing wording, a few days prior to the ceremony.

  • What are the legal requirements when you get married in North Cyprus? +

    The law in North Cyprus is based on British law so that means that marriages are legal and recognised worldwide. Your marriage certificate will be in English.

    My Wedding Cyprus can help with all the official documentation once you arrive in North Cyprus, however, you will need to complete all the paperwork required in the UK beforehand. We can arrange for ratification of the documents on your behalf and book your civil ceremony with the registrar.

    The civil ceremony in Cyprus is a very informal affair which takes place in the District Office and is all over within 10 minutes. Some of our couples prefer to have the legal aspect of their wedding carried out in the UK and have a blessing in North Cyprus.

  • Is it cost effective to get married in North Cyprus? +

    The average cost of a wedding in the UK is £21,000, when getting married in North Cyprus, depending on the number of guests and the venue, your wedding budget could start at £3,000.

    Cyprus has an average of 326 days of sunshine throughout the year and can offer you so much more for so much less. With affordable flights, beautiful climate and excellent value for money, Cyprus is becoming a popular choice for couples to celebrate their special day. Outside the eurozone - using the Turkish Lira - your money goes much further.

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